I’m kinda starting to doubt that my compatriots will ever make any new comics (what with nothing in nearly 3 years an all) I’m thinking I might take down the other 2 links and maybe re purpose the 2 archives… Just a thought, I might not get to it for a few more months though… Oh and also my scanner and my new compy have finally learned to live in peace for the time being and I have not had trouble with them for the last couple of weeks :D So, yay…


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  1. Karaway Says:

    Just started reading this today. Got through all 162 :L Nice to spend some time doing pretty much nothin. Baker’s dozen is SPECTACULAR!!! And that other one is outta this world too… and I’ll get onto the random jokes later. I found this site by clicking an add that was on some site about 70 seas or something- and I got to THAT site by clicking an ad that was on the spoony experiment’s site. Gotta love Spoony :L

    So what happened to your compatriots? Also- I’m not sure what the comments section is like here- do people get replied to? Who knows… I asked questions anyway just in case.

  2. Zack Says:

    Well, ones just lazy and the other has joined the military, so I might be taking them down soon and puting something else there

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